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​Qijia Promoters

Qijia Group sincerely invites you to become a promotion specialist
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Thank you for your support of Qijia Group!

Here, we invite you to become

one of Qijia promoters.

You can gain Rewards by forwarding and promoting our marketing contents.

​Social media promotion

Qijia promoters will conduct business promotion for Qijia Group on social media platforms, such as forwarding the latest feeds of Qijia Group on WeChat, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Weibo to attract potential customers!

Recommend potential customers

Qijia has a wide range of customers, including international students, employers, job seekers, local students, etc. If it matches your social group, we welcome you to join us!

(To make a recommendation, you only need to fill in the "Customer Recommendation Form" below,

Or recommend potential customers to Qijia customer service)

​Receive rewards

You will receive a cash reward after the potential customer successfully signs an order with any organization under the Qijia Group, and the consultant of the Qijia Group will contact you to give the reward!

Fill out the form below to become a Qijia promoter!

Become a  Promoter in  three steps:

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Register as a promoter
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2 |

Share promoter materials
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Click to view the promotion materials (pictures, copywriting, public account articles, videos), we will update the promotion materials regularly for your use!

3 |

Promoter's recommended customer registration form
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​Promoter Application

Please fill in your information in the form to the right. One of Qijia’s consultant will contact you regarding next steps at their earliest convenience.

Filling Out a Form
Qijia promoter application form
Promotion type:

Thanks for submitting, Qijia consultant will contact you as soon as possible!

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Create a better tomorrow for every Canadian

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Business Team

Contact us


Address: 228-1550 SOUTH GATEWAY RD,

                MISSISSAUGA, ON L4W 5G6
Phone: 905-625-6078

Business hours:

Monday to Friday 8 AM-6:30 PM

Saturday 9 AM-4:30 PM

Closed on Sunday

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Work/study abroad/immigrant group!

​Qijia WeChat Customer Service


​Qijia WeChat Public Account

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