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Non-Profit Services

Located in MISSISSAUGA, ON, The Multicultural Extra Curricular Association (MECA) is one of the earliest founded establishments within the Chinese community, comprising of a wide range of services, and is the largest professional service personnel in most GTA regions. The purpose of its service is to help English Second Language Learners (ESL) integrate smoothly in Canada and make them feel right at home. Through the help of our community services, you will shine bright.

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nonprofit services


  • Help immigrants apply for EI, health cards, child benefits, financial support, etc.

  • Help immigrants find employment

  • Help students find employers, arrange jobs, and provide necessary conditions for immigration.

  • File tax returns for immigrants and students.

  • Help students and immigrants apply for various government subsidies during the pandemic, such as CERB, CRB, etc.

  • Help students and immigrants to settle down and buy a home.

  • Provide students with 40-hour volunteer opportunities and internship opportunities necessary for university admission.

  • Provide consultation assistance for college entrance examinations, such as high school course selection, voluntary declaration, career positioning, etc.

  • To provide high school students studying abroad with an opportunity to visit well-known universities in Ontario, such as UWaterloo and UToronto.

College Students

MECA is your safe home for living in Ontario

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Wednesday to Saturday, 13:00-17:00

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416-879-5948 / 416-908-2779

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